The mandate of the whole of Creation is stated almost immediately: Yehi ohr. A common translation reads, "Let there be light". Instead, read, "It should become Light."

All the world — even the darkness — should become a source of light and wisdom.

It all began with an infinite light that filled all and left no room for a world to be. Then that light was withheld so the world might be created in the resulting void.

Then the world was created, with the purpose of returning to that original state of light — yet to remain a world.

All the world's problems stem from light being withheld.

Our job then, is to correct this. Wherever we find light, we must rip away its casings, exposing it to all, letting it shine forth to the darkest ends of the earth.

Especially the light you yourself hold.

The Light was concealed. But its Source was not. The Source of Light is everywhere.

When you come to a place that seems outside of G‑d's realm, too coarse for light to enter, and you want to run away --

Know that there is no place outside of G‑d, and rejoice in your task of uncovering Him there.

Remember, then, that your true place is a place of light. Even if you find yourself in the midst of darkness and sorrow, you must remember this is not your home.

Your essential self lies in an inseverable bond with the Source of Light. And from there it extends a glimmer of itself below to illuminate the darkness.

Fighting evil is a very noble activity when it must be done. But it is not our mission in life. Our job is to bring in more light.