Meditate upon the ray of light that pierces through a window on a sunny day — and imagine how that ray exists engulfed within its source, the sun. So too, is the cosmos a nothingness absorbed within its Source, the Infinite Light.

Imagine the entire universe as a stream of conscious thought, and imagine how a single thought exists in its place of birth, a place before words, before things, where there is only One.

We created beings cannot perceive the Source with our flesh eyes, and so we see a world. But to the Source there is no being, no entity, only the Infinite Light.

I watch in amazement a carp swimming in its pond.
G‑d does not put a carp in a pond.
G‑d condenses His infinite light to be expressed as a carp in a pond.

What is a blade of grass?

A blade of grass is infinite light expressing itself as a blade of grass.

What is an atom?

An atom is infinite light expressing itself as an atom.

What is a universe?

A universe is infinite light expressing itself as a universe.

In each, the Infinite Light says, "I am here and I am not here. I am this and I am not this. Through this thing, know it's Maker, that which cannot be known."

The body is not something to be abhorred or rejected. On the contrary, the body serves as sunglasses for the soul.

Without the body, the soul can only perceive G‑dliness in an abstract, ethereal way. The body allows the soul to stare straight into the face of G‑dliness, in tangible, concrete terms.