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Mishnah Video

Lesson 6: Boiling Point: The Mishnah Is Written
Scroll Down - Part 6
Rabbi Yehudah HaNassi put the Oral Torah down on paper in the year 212, in the form known as the Mishnah. What prompted this radical move in the history of Jewish literacy? What constitutes the Mishnah? And what is its function in the Tradition?
The Mishnah
Video | 1:14:42
The Mishnah
The Jews in Exile
Rabbi Judah the Prince (circa 135–219 CE), also known as Rabbeinu Hakadosh, is credited with having compiled statements of earlier sages to form the Mishnah, when the Oral Law was in peril of being forgotten. In this class we also go through Maimonides’ list of the generations of Torah transmission.
Tour of the Mishnah - Part 1
The first book of the Mishnah: Zera’im (Seeds)
The tractates of this book of the Mishnah explain the detailed laws of agriculture, including kohanic gifts and tithes for the poor. Also treated are the laws of prayer and blessings.
Tour of the Mishnah - Part 2
The Second Book of the Mishnah: Mo'ed (Times)
This Book of the Mishnah deals with the Jewish calendar, its festivals and important days. Included are the laws of refraining from labor on Sabbath and Holidays.
The Mishna
Video | 3:00
The Mishna
How and why the Oral Torah came to be put in writing for the first time.
Completing the Mishnah
"Nine Days" Siyum
Judah Hanasi as Educational Revolutionary
The importance and uniqueness of Jewish education. How the Mishnah, arranged by Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, shaped generations of Jewish children.
What Did the Beautiful Ones Say?
The 15th of Av
On the 15th of Av young men and women would meet in the vineyards of Jerusalem for the purpose of finding their soul-mate. The beautiful girls among them would declare that a young man aught set his eyes to beauty alone. The Talmud does not censure them, even mildly. But surely, as Scripture states, "Charm is false and beauty has no substance"?! (Likutei Sichos vol. 19, p. 80)
Making Sense of the Mishnah
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz discusses the first element of the Oral Law, the Mishna. He discusses the orderly organization of this large work. He then proceeds to how the Talmud develops as a commentary on the Mishna.
Mishna Scholar
Video | 1:41
Mishna Scholar
Menachem Farkash
At the age of twelve, Menachem completed learning the entire 6 books of the Mishna.
The Merit of Mishnah
“The Alter Rebbe writes that in the merit of the study of Mishnah we will be redeemed from exile. May you bear good tidings in your project to encourage Mishnah study in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.”
A Class of Their Own
When Mrs. Alice Zlotnick’s husband, Professor Dov Zlotnick, told the Rebbe about the success of his Talmud class in Riverdale, New York, he received an unexpected challenge, which he duly passed on to his wife.
Reflections on
Reflections on
Reflections on
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