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The Mishna

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The Mishna

How and why the Oral Torah came to be put in writing for the first time.
Mishnaic Sages, Mishnah

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Yid December 12, 2020

These need to become DVDs! Reply

Menachem borenstein Goshen NY October 27, 2014

new videos? Reply

Anonymous Oak Park September 20, 2014

very nice well explained, enjoyed it Reply

Tony Smith October 19, 2012

Thank you Jewish.TV Editor Reply

shalom rome March 28, 2011

beraitot some beraitot are collected in works such as the Tosefta and in Midrashei Halacha (Sifra, Sifre). Look them up on wikipedia. Reply

PoMaflah December 21, 2010

re:re:re:bereitot The reason we can't find bereitot compiled in the mishnah, Mendel, is that bereitot are usually just expanding on mishnayot.
By the way, Jewish TV editor, the bereitot are also quoted in various tosafistic sources.
PS: thanks. My mom is a Talmud teacher, and I sent her the link. I think it would be really useful for her beginner classes. Reply

Mendel August 26, 2010

re re: bereitot how i heard the reason why you cant find the bereitot compiled is because when they burned the talmud and other holy books, while we jews stayed with copies of other books, of the breitot there were no copies left and so we only know of those breitot that the gemarah quotes Reply

Jewish.TV Editor NY, NY August 24, 2010

Re: Bereitot They are quoted all throughout the Talmud. The Talmud often compares the teachings of the Tanaim in the Mishnah to how those same teachings of the Tanaim were recorded in the Bereitot.

There is no one place, however, where you can find all of the Bereitot compiled. That is because they were NOT compiled, hence, the name "the outsiders." Reply

Anonymous August 23, 2010

Also want to know about the Bereitot... Where can we find them? Reply

Jewish.TV Editor August 23, 2010

Tanaim Great questions, Carmen.

The Tanaim (singular = Tana) is a term that describes several generations of sages who received the Oral Tradition. The term literally means "a repeater" because they memorized and repeated the teachings that were handed down to them from past generations.

They lived and taught in the times leading up to the recording of the Mishna (roughly the last century or so of the Second Temple). It is their teachings which R' Judah the Prince chose from to compile the Mishna.

Not every teaching of these sages was chosen to be included in the Mishna. The teachings which did not "make the cut" were given the name the "outsiders" -- the Bereitot. These teachings, however, are still considered to be almost as authoritative as the Mishna itself and were studied by the next era of sages after the Tanaim, known as the Amoraim, whose discussions make up the text of the Talmud or Gemara.

So, in short, Tanaim = Sages whose teachings make up the Mishna (and Bereitot). Reply

Carmen August 22, 2010

Who were the Tanaim?

I was looking up at the dictionary after the root of the word Tanaim.

I see "tana"-tet, nun, aleph-as Mishnaic teacher.
I also see "tnai"-as condition, term, stipulation.
And finally, I see "tnaim" as engagement, betrothal agreement, nuptial contract. Also 2 terms, conditions, stipulation.

So, who were the Tanaim? Since when they had existed? Were they in charge of teaching since the given of Torah?

How this all happened? What is this like?

And why Beritot were outsiders? Who were these sages?

Can I have an explanation, or where to get an explanation on this all? Reply

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