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Hebrew Q&A

Must I pray in Hebrew?
All of the prayers in my synagogue are in Hebrew, and I don't understand a word of what we're saying. Should I better read the Hebrew which I don't understand, or the English which I do understand?
What Is the Authentic Ancient Hebrew Alphabet?
Ketav Ivri vs. Ketav Ashurit
I recently read about some ancient writings that were in a script called Proto-Hebrew, which the Jews supposedly used to write in before the current Hebrew script.
Why Is Hebrew Called the Holy Tongue (Lashon Hakodesh)?
The Hebrew language is extremely potent. The Torah tells us that until the incident of the Tower of Babel, all of mankind spoke the same language: Biblical Hebrew.
Why Do We Write Hebrew from Right to Left?
Learn the answer to this simple-seeming question in the light of history, Jewish law, and kabbalah.
Why No Vowels in the Torah?
Why is that? Is it just to make it super-hard to become a Jewish adult?
Must I Learn Hebrew?
I have a strong desire to broaden my knowledge of my heritage, but I currently feel inadequate about pursuing these studies. Although I know how to read Hebrew, I do not understand a word of it. Should learning the language of the Torah not be my first priority?
Why Do I Need to Learn to Read Hebrew?
I’m studying for my Bar Mitzvah and really need some motivation for learning to read Hebrew. I'd rather stick to English...why should I bother reading Hebrew? Besides, I don't really understand it.
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