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Emotive Intelligence: A Letter to Sonia Rozenblum by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn
Sonia Rosenblum (1897-1974) was a woman whose stature as a scholar and practitioner of Chasidic teachings was known and recognized. A lengthy letter addressed to her by Rayatz inquires into the definitive essence of the human experiences of cognition and emotional excitement, and attests to her breadth and depth of mind when she was yet 19 years of age. This is the earliest documented example of a women who engaged in such studies at such an advanced level, which points to a broader phenomenon that predated any institutionalized infrastructure for the education of chasidic women.
Important Answers
Be sensitive to the meaning of the words "G-d, faithful King," the soul of the word Amen.
Environmental Influences
Our ability to embody diverse realities enables us to greatly influence the Creation.
Education Prioritization
An educator should first remove a pupil's most dangerous deficiency.
A Sight to Behold
A Sight to Behold
Sweetness, light and joy at the receiving of the Torah
An End to Evil
An End to Evil
If we merit, the External Forces may be rectified
6:2 The Divine Voice
The essence of the soul hears what the rest of a person may not.
In the face of Tsarist anti-semitism, communism, and the Holocaust, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak resolutely perpetuated traditional Jewish life and the potent spirit of Chassidism.