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Brachot Handbook

An in-depth exploration of the laws associated with the recitation of blessings

Texts of Blessings Before Eating
There are six different blessings, each beginnning with the same six words . . .
Laws of the Blessings Before Food
The rules of blessings on foods are intricate. Here are some of the most basic rules.
Laws of Blessings After Eating
Now that you've eaten, make your gratitude heard. Not all foods are equal, so make sure to know what to say when.
Why a Blessing?
Chassidic teachings explain that all food contains a G-dly spark of holiness.
Advanced Laws of the Blessings Before Food
Making a blessing before eating is how we acknowledge the creator who provides us with the food; now that you know the why, read of the what and how
Blessings on Combination
Whether eating a snack or a complete meal without bread, there are spec laws that apply to how the blessings are said on more than one food type.
Eating a Meal With Bread
"Bread sates the heart of man." As the staff of life, bread has its own set of rules and customs. Learn about them here.
Do I Say a Blessing on Non-Kosher Food?
Is it improper and hypocritical to recite a blessing on non-kosher food? I'm starting to become more observant of the Torah laws, but I'm not yet at the stage of keeping 100% kosher. What do you advise?
Can I Thank G‑d for a Hybrid Fruit?
I heard that G‑d does not want us to create hybrid fruit. So my question is, if G‑d is not happy with this fruit, should I make a blessing before eating it?
Why No Special Blessing Before Drinking Water?
On making a unique bracha on water
There’s no need to elaborate on how important and precious the element of liquid is for our life. So why no special blessing?
What Blessing Should I Say on Dried Cranberries?
Are cranberries considered a fruit from a tree or a fruit from the ground?
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