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Blessings for Various Occasions

Whenever we benefit from G-d's bounty, we verbalize our thanks. From witnessing natural phenomena, to personal milestones, there is a blessing for every occasion.

Is There a Blessing For a Volcano?
The Talmud and Code of Jewish Law discuss various natural phenomena that require special blessings.
Is There a Blessing or Jewish Prayer For Earthquakes?
The blessing helps bring into focus how the forces of nature are all truly from G‑d and expressions of His majesty.
Is There a Blessing for Chemo?
Here is a short but powerful prayer that you should say before undergoing a medical procedure or taking medicine.
Is There a Blessing for a Hurricane?
When a hurricane hits, we pray that everyone should be safe and secure, dry and warm. But there is more as well.
The Laws of the Blessing of Thanksgiving
Birkat Hagomel
The blessing of thanksgiving recited when one is saved from tragedy with its attendant laws and particulars
The Laws of the Blessing on Trees
During the month of Nissan, when one sees a blossoming fruit tree, we make a blessing thanking G‑d for giving us trees that grow fruit.
Blessings Miscellaneous
Thunder, fragrances, travelers & more
Besides the basic daily blessings—e.g., for eating or drinking, and those that are part of the prayers—there are a variety of other blessings recited on different occasions.
The Brachah on Thunder and Lightning
When seeing lightning and thunder, there are two blessings to be said…