Over the years, more students joined the underground yeshiva from all over Russia. Among those that I remember were the following young men: from Tashkent—Velya Geisinsky, Boruch Lepkivker, Dovid Itche Marinovsky, Avrohom Goldberg, and his cousin Avrohom Pressman; from Tchernovitz—Yosef and Eli Volovik; from Apsha—Moshe Miller; from Riga—Moshe Chaim Levin and Zalman Friedman; from Odessa—Moshe Bronfman; from Moscow—Mordechai Chazan and Dovber Junik; and from Munkatch—Moshe Leib Rotner.

I am sure that each of these students—and the others whose names I do not recall—has a treasury of memories of those years. I have no doubt they are memories of hard times but also of precious moments: of warm farbrengens; of various adventures; of moving from house to house, from yard to yard, and from family to family; and so on. I hope that they too transcribe their memories, “so that the future generations shall know.”