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1,500 Children Studying in Secret

Although young children typically try to avoid learning, these boys, only nine, ten, and eleven years of age—on their own initiative—arose at the crack of dawn and studied Torah energetically, even though their parents were not forcing them to study, or were perhaps unaware of the studies altogether.
In those years, nobody dreamed that there would come a day when they would be able to emigrate, and many parents envisioned a future for their children in the Soviet Union.
Keeping a secret was a non-negotiable condition for anyone who wanted to be accepted to study. In those years, all it took was for one boy to start chattering and the entire underground network would be in grave danger.
Mordechai went to shul for a number of days, and each time he took a few dozen books, until he removed a total of 850 siddurim.
Does grandfather—the Rebbe's regular alias—like only “white shoes,” or does he like “dark shoes” as well.
If someone were to ask one of these teachers where the money came from to fund the work, and who was paying them, we made sure that Chamah would not be implicated.
Being aware of R. Moshe’s dire financial situation, we were astonished when he brought the package to the meeting.
Sometime into the flight, the pilot announced that due to bad weather, the plane could not land in Tashkent.

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