By the Grace of G‑d
15th of Teveth, 5721
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[January 3, 1961]

Mrs. Roselyn Jaffe

Blessing and Greeting:

I received your letter of the 8th day of Chanukah, in which you write about your birthday which is on the 13th of Teveth. I send you my prayerful wishes that your birthday usher in a year of success in all your affairs, both personal and general, and in an ever growing measure of light and true happiness, as symbolized by the lights of Chanukah.

May you, together with your husband, derive much Nachas, true Yiddish Nachas, from your children, as well as from those who benefit from your good work and influence in matters of Yiddishkeit.

With all good wishes for long life, good health and happiness, materially and spiritually, and with blessing,

M. Schneerson