By the Grace of G‑d
13th of Teveth, 5717
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[December 17, 1956]

Sholom uBrocho:

I received your letter of December 3rd, and I was pleased to read in it that you participated in the Yud-tes Kislev celebration. This day, as you know, is called Rosh Hashanah of Chasiduth. Rosh Hashanah literally means “Head” of the year, and the significance of this expression is that as the head is the center of the nervous system, from which vitality spreads throughout every part of the body, so Rosh Hashanah vitalizes the entire year. Similarly in the case of the Chassidic Rosh ­Hashanah. And the gathering of friends on this auspicious day in mutual affection and a spirit of benevolence towards each other brings forth corresponding benevolence and blessings from Above. The Old Rebbe explained it with a popular illustration: When a father sees his children devoted to each other and wishing each other the best, he, on his part, bestows special blessings and gifts upon them.

I was gratified to read that the Mikvah is nearing completion and that it is most beautiful externally as well as in Kashruth. I trust that every effort will be made to see to it that the Mikvah attracts ever growing numbers of women, which after all is the end purpose of it. I trust that you and your friends will do your utmost in this direction, too. As you do not mention any of the other public activities, I assume that everything is in good order – in the order of a truly orthodox community, an order which calls for continual advancement, as in all sacred things.

It was also gratifying to read that the first transaction with India was successful, and I trust it will be the forerunner of further profitable transaction of this kind, and that the profits will be used on good, healthful and happy things.

With blessing,

M. Schneerson