By the Grace of G‑d
25th of Adar II, 5714
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[March 30, 1954]

Greeting and Blessing:

After a long interval, I was pleased to receive a Gruss from you through Rabbi Shem Tov, and also your letter of March 15th.

Although you write that business leaves much to be desired, I hope that in these days between Purim and Pesach which are auspicious for our people, there has been a noticeable improvement, especially as you are keeping up your contributions to Tzedoko, which is an additional Segula for success in business.

I was pleased to hear that your son will be Bar Mitzvah in about two months’ time. No doubt he has already begun putting on Tefillin in training and preparation, or will shortly begin to do so. May G‑d bless him to grow up into a good Jew and a source of much Yiddish Nachas for you and your wife.

Enclosed you will find a recent Message for Women, which you will give to her with any elaboration that may be necessary.

With best wishes for a Kosher and Happy Pesach,

Cordially yours,

M. Schneerson