On the Shabbos that follows the cessation of Kaddish a new system begins for the soaring soul and it also introduces a new order revealed in the physical world, because the new order is not only for the soul but also for the one who says the Kaddish. And it also applies to the one who hears the Kaddish and especially the one who answers, “Amen Yehei Shemai Rabbah....” In some respects he is even higher than the one who recites the Kaddish and it also affects all within earshot. For all of these people a new stage in Divine service begins in the physical realm and in the spiritual order.

Everyone receives new strength through the process of raising the soul at the end of the Kaddish period, and this enhances Torah, mitzvos, and Yiddishkeit, in self-improvement and in working with others — even those who are on the lowliest levels. They too can be raised in an infinite way. And if it is not immediately apparent now, you have to be patient. But you can be sure that your encouraging words will be influential over the long run.

In the portion of Shemos, while the Jewish people were still in Egypt, the abomination of the earth, the Jewish people multiplied and grew and their preciousness before G‑d was revealed. They multiplied and the land was filled with them so that the gentiles also saw how they were beloved by G‑d.

This phenomenon caused them to disregard the golus and to pay no attention to the prophecy that they would stay in Egypt for 210 years. They did what they could “to multiply and increase very much,” in a manner of rising higher and higher, so that they received G‑d’s blessing.

Similarly, in our diaspora Jews must fulfill G‑d’s command to “Be fruitful and fill the land and conquer it.” Parents should consider the beautiful opportunities of parenthood and the great pleasures G‑d draws when a new Jewish boy or girl is born.

This population growth should also take place in the spiritual sense. Although we are in the darkness of golus we must continue to rise and increase in matters of Yiddishkeit. If we learn from the secular society, the wisdom of Egypt, we should use that knowledge for the benefit it will yield us in practical accomplishments, and in time saved, for more Torah and prayer, e.g. the study of mathematics and astronomy will help us to work out the seasons and calendar. We must also use scientific knowledge to explain to others the truth of Torah and to prove that Torah is in full accord with scientific rules.