The Rebbe is always thinking about every single Jew, wherever they are.

A local lady, Mrs. N., phoned me regarding help in adopting a baby. She had been married for about six years and although the doctors in this case could find nothing wrong medically with this couple, they were not blessed with offspring.

Rabbi Farro, the woman and I all wrote to the Rebbe. In due course, the Rebbe replied directly to Mrs. N. The peculiarity about this letter was that it was written in Hebrew. Yet to me, the Rebbe always replies in English. Poor Mrs. N.! What could she do? She could not understand one word! Naturally, she went with it to Rabbi Farro who not only translated it, but explained the minutest detail to her and all the aspects and regulations concerning taharas hamishpocho (family purity), which the Rebbe had stressed in his letter. The Rebbe added that Please G‑d, in due course, if she kept this mitzvah of family purity, then she would be blessed with loving her own children.

Another proof of the Rebbe’s care for every Jew everywhere (if proof is even needed!)

Six of the yeshiva students who were studying in Brooklyn have been sent to Australia, to study in Melbourne for two years in order to strengthen the yeshiva there. This began a number of years ago.

This year, when the Rebbe saw the group before they left America, he told them to stop over in England.

“How long shall we stay?” they asked.

“As long as possible,” was the answer.

They intended staying for only one day in London and then traveling on, via Israel. Fortunately for us, their plane tickets had been delayed in the mail and when they telephoned to New York for instructions, they were told to visit Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow too.

All six students, Aaron Eliezer Ceitlin, Yosef Kraimer, Yosef Yitzchok Chitrik, Sholom Baras, Sholom Spalter and Yaakov Reizes, arrived in Manchester on Thursday.

They visited the Beis-Din, schools, yeshivos and other communal organizations, including the offices of the Jewish Telegraph. (Sidney Needoff told me that I must tell the Rebbe how much he enjoys the “Thoughts of the Week” printed every week in the Jewish Telegraph)

In the evening we held a farbrengen, where about eighty people attended and each of the six students addressed us. It was an excellent function.

The students were outstanding. Someone remarked, “The Rebbe knows who to send.”

Two of the students stayed in Manchester over Shabbos and spoke in various shuls, whilst the remainder either returned to London or went to other cities.