It was Wednesday night, Sivan 11 (May 24), and it was now time for our yechidus. We were waiting in the office when I was shocked - pleasantly so - to see walking in my brother Maurice. He was accompanied by his wife Ella and Carmella, Maurice’s secretary, all having just arrived from Israel. Carmella had no appointment with the Rebbe. She came on the off-chance, hoping she would be fitted in somewhere, sometime during the night.

Leibel Groner was a little cross. He had been refusing appointments for people all night, and here comes Maurice and brings along a “guest,” too. This guest, Carmella, had also brought along her friend.

Well, poor Label, had to surrender to Maurice’s persuasion and “protection,” but he was not a bit pleased.

However, Carmella had some grave problems to discuss with the Rebbe. She went into the Rebbe’s room, waiting to hear the Rebbe’s advice and brocha. She soon came out and burst into tears of relief and joy.

The waiting hall was crowded. Particularly, there were very many Russians waiting to go in.

One woman who had already seen the Rebbe at a previous yechidus, was having a row with Label. She wanted to see the Rebbe again. “No, no, no,” says Label, and that was final. We found that she had sidled into the Rebbe’s room before anyone could stop her (as soon as someone emerged, she was in like a flash).

Hershel Peckar’s daughter from London was given a beautiful smile and a siddur from the Rebbe.

It was now our own turn, at about three in the morning. In our ears was ringing Leibel’s warning to us, not to keep the Rebbe too long. The Rebbe intended to go to the ohel that day, fasting as usual. If yechidus ended too late that morning, it would not be possible for the Rebbe to have even a drink first.

In the event, we kept the Rebbe for only twenty minutes. This time we asked the Rebbe for a brocha for ourselves right away, unlike on a previous occasion when we almost forgot about ourselves.

I told the Rebbe that “Last year the Rebbe gave us the brocha ‘iber dem kop’ (over the head) and we now want the same again.”

The Rebbe expressed surprise, “Have you NO ambition? This year you should have even more!”

The Rebbe said I could thank G‑d for arranging to meet my brother Maurice at 770.

I made a request of the Rebbe for three bottles of mashke for three chasonim in England, David Kessler, Avrohom Klyne and Aryeh Freeman. The Rebbe wanted to know whether I would take one bottle and divide it out in England. I said if the Rebbe insisted, I would do so. The Rebbe asked whether the weddings are before or after the three weeks. In the end, the Rebbe agreed to give me three bottles for the three weddings.

The Rebbe asked about Sigmund Margulies and then about Mrs. Benson, who was acting clerk to the shechita board, “A woman? – no offense to Mrs. Jaffe - [but] can she manage?”

We discussed Lubavitch in Manchester, the “new building,” the concert and many other communal issues. The Rebbe also advised me on my business matters.

The Rebbe sent regards to our children and grandchildren. When I told the Rebbe that Yossi (eight years old now) learns mishna and gemora, the Rebbe asked “would Yossi come with you to Brooklyn?” (When we told that to Yossi, he said he would be delighted. Subsequently, Shmuel brought him together with his brother Mendy, for Shavuos the next year.)

On a previous occasion, two years ago, the Rebbe told me to bring Yossi, which we did. Yossi brought his bother Mendy, who brought his father and all the family, and so Roselyn was kept very busy.

We had a few good laughs and took our leave from the Rebbe’s presence. A good, short but splendid, yechidus.