That evening the Rebbe did not return form the ohel until a quarter to nine. It seemed to be already dark, but Rabbi Chodakov pointed out that this was at the time of a “Belzer mincha.”

Maariv was at 9:10, but at 10:30 when I left, the Rebbe was still at 770. He had not yet been home and was still fasting!

An outstanding feature this year was the very nice, new aron hakodesh. It was cleverly handmade by Yankel Lipsker. This new aron hakodesh was built completely around the old one and so it solved the problem of the disposal of the old one.

Another very noticeable improvement this year was nice gardens bordering 770. Neat, tidy green grass and beautiful flowers. Our friend, Gershon Lawrence, deserved every credit for achieving such notable results.