Our daughter Hindy, now 18 years old, accompanied us to the Rebbe. Avrohom – our son – had been studying in the Lubavitch Yeshiva in New York for a year already, and he met us at the airport. He related to us all the latest news and happenings at 770.

He kept interspersing his comments with the name of one special friend, Shmuel Lew. This fellow seemed to be the paradigm of all virtues, a talmid chochom of the highest caliber, athletic and very good looking. Avrohom reminded us that we had met him at last year's visit to the summer camp in the Catskills.

I did not recall any such distinguished and outstanding young man. Anyhow, they all looked very much the same to my untrained eyes: medium to tall height, wispy beards, white short-sleeved shirts. “At any rate,” I interrupted, “why do you mention him?” Well, it seems Avrohom wanted to arrange a meeting between this Shmuel and Hindy. (Later we found out that the Rebbe was involved in this, and was spurring it along. At this stage, we had no idea of the Rebbe's involvement and consent to this shidduch.)

Roselyn said that on no account and under no circumstances would she consent to this meeting; she would not even consider it. “She is only eighteen years of age and there is plenty of time for a shidduch at a later juncture.” That was it!

We were in Brooklyn for a total of three weeks on this visit. During our entire stay, Rabbi Shemtov and our son Avrohom subjected Roselyn to extreme pressure. “You have to allow this meeting to take place.” “What harm could it do?” “They might not even like each other.” And so on. Roselyn therefore jumped at the opportunity of sending Hindy away - far away - to Detroit, Michigan, where there was a Lubavitcher camp for girls. “There she will be a thousand miles away from this Shmuel Lew.”

Hindy spent six wonderful days in Michigan and was always in the company of a newly met friend. This friend, Mindy Feller, took every opportunity to constantly and consistently tell her about a wonderful and attractive brother she had, what a talmid chochom he was! It became clear later - too late - that Mindy is Shmuel Lew's married sister.