On Sunday night we entered the Rebbe's room for our private yechidus.

We offered our grateful thanks to the Rebbe for honoring us all (the travelers) with a kabolas ponim at 3:30 in the morning, it was a wonderful gesture.

The Rebbe was keenly interested in some of the behind-the-scene details of the chartered flight. I told the Rebbe, that we had actually made £550 profit for our Lubavitch activities. (This, even with the trip being so ridiculously cheap!) The Rebbe took an interest in the seating plan from the plane, the bentchers we used as tickets and yarmulkahs we distributed among the passengers. I also showed the Rebbe his welcome sicha, now printed up nicely, which we intended to give out on the return flight.

I was very humbled when the Rebbe told me, “you are a 'trail blazer', do not worry about any negative reactions you may get.” The Rebbe also gave me this brocha: “Since everything you do is successful, your business too will be successful.”

The Rebbe conveyed to me that Rabbi Shemtov will be going back with our flight.

The Rebbe was obviously pleased when I mentioned that now, “the entire city of Manchester knows about Lubavitch, no, all of England!”

About our son Avrohom starting to learn for s'micha now, the Rebbe said the yeshiva will allow him a two month s'micha trial period, for which we were very thankful indeed.

The Rebbe said that Hindy should try to get her diploma before age twenty-one, but then added “she will probably be married by twenty-one!”

We always received good advice and guidance from the Rebbe, in our personal as well as communal work. We felt lucky to receive guidance from such a saintly friend.