We had a significant experience on the following day, Sunday Tammuz 25 (July 9). Rabbi and Mrs. Alperin, a young couple, were being sent by the Rebbe to Brazil. The couple was taking over the directorship of the Rio de Janeiro Talmud Torah, where there were over 300 children studying.

Avrohom suggested that we go to 770 and see them off, as the Rebbe was sure to bid them “farewell,” as was his custom with all new emissaries upon their departure from 770. We waited from 2:15 until 3:00, and although the Rebbe was nearby in his office, he never came out or even showed himself at his window, which faces Eastern Parkway. The poor couple had to leave without the Rebbe's brocha. I admitted to Roselyn that I was a little disappointed. After all, here was a couple who were leaving their hometown for a strange land, and probably going there for good! Still I suppose the Rebbe knows his business!

When we returned to 770 at 8:00, the first people we bumped into were Rabbi and Mrs. Alperin. We were dumbfounded. They explained to us that they were already on the plane, and the plane had actually started on the runway, when due to a technical fault they had to disembark. The flight was now delayed for forty-eight hours. When they finally did leave forty-eight hours later, the Rebbe did say the special farewell to them.