Our appointment with the Rebbe was due to commence at 10:00 p.m. The Rebbe was being Messader Kiddushin (officiating at a marriage ceremony) at 9:30. We attended that chupa. It was in the Rebbe‘s “sukkah”, hence our appointment was delayed.

Roselyn, Hindy and I entered the Rebbe‘s room at 10:40. The Rebbe again rose, shook hands with me and made us all take a seat.

We had brought some gifts from friends in Manchester, together with a special gift from Roselyn and me - a China Seder Set. I also delivered letters and messages from quite a number of our friends and relatives in Manchester. The Rebbe does not like to accept gifts and was most reluctant to do so in this instance. Fortunately, it was not possible for us to take them back to England!

The Rebbe asked me for a letter from..., and was most annoyed not to have been given one. “It was bad manners and impolite not to answer someone‘s letters,” said the Rebbe.

The Rebbe suggested that when Avrohom returned home for good, it would be a good idea to send Hindy to attend the girls‘ seminary in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, he would consider whether Avrohom should spend next Pesach at home in Manchester, and would let us know after Purim. The Rebbe advised that our shul not join with any other synagogue, but we should move our premises to where most of our members were now living.

About my business, the Rebbe advised that I should get involved in a “sideline” and it should be bringing goods from the US to England. “Buy, buy and buy,” he said. (I took the Rebbe‘s advice and during our stay in New York spent nearly $300,000. Now, I need a brocho for a quick sale and good profit!)

After discussing other matters, we left the Rebbe‘s presence at 12:20 in the morning – one-and-a-half hours of privacy with the Rebbe.

The next morning our daughter Hindy took a taxi to Crown Heights. She was to join Avrohom on “release hour”. She said she really enjoyed it. She got to see the Rebbe, made some new friends and said she would not mind staying in Brooklyn for a few months!