After our son Avrohom went to learn in 770, we had another good reason for wishing to visit the Rebbe. As the Rebbe so aptly put it, when he remarked once to me “We have a hostage in Crown Heights.” We considered that it would be an excellent idea to visit New York in case Avrohom needed moral support and encouragement. It was decided to repeat the previous year‘s itinerary and to take along our daughter Hindy, too.

Before we even left, we arranged what was our first and main task: to book an appointment for yechidus with the Rebbe.

In answer to my query and application, Rabbi Chodakov replied that he was pleased to hear that we will be visiting soon. “I see your son here every day.  He was already privileged with an appointment with the Rebbe.”

Rabbi Chodakov went on to offer us Tuesday evening, Kislev 14, 5720 (December 15, 1959), the day of our proposed arrival in New York, or the following Tuesday night. We naturally accepted the first available date.

On Thursday, Kislev 9, 5720 (December 10, 1959), we boarded the Queen Elizabeth at Southampton for our five day voyage to New York.

At five in the morning, on Tuesday, Kislev 14 (December 15), after a pleasant voyage, the Queen Elizabeth duly docked at New York. We did not actually leave the boat until about 8:30.

This time, we resided at the Hotel New Yorker. (It contained 2,500 bedrooms and the window cleaner has a full-time job. It takes him three months to do the round.) We chose this hotel because it was close to the kosher restaurants – last year we had to take a taxi from the Waldorf Astoria every time we wanted a meal.