We again received the tremendous privilege and honor of an invitation to visit the Rebbetzin at her home on President Street. She asked that we also bring our grandchildren who were in New York with us.

From experience we have learned that the children should only arrive a little later. This enables us to enjoy a little “mature” time with the Rebbetzin beforehand.

The Rebbetzin looked very well. We handed her a letter which Susan, our daughter-in-law, had given us to deliver.

The Rebbetzin disclosed to us that the Rebbe would be enjoying a few days’ “vacation” during the upcoming week, when he would be able to catch up on his reading, including my diary.

“Where is the Rebbe going on vacation?” I enquired.

“Oh,” replied the Rebbetzin, “he is not going anywhere. Instead of retiring to bed at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, he will be able to do so at 1:00!”

Later on, Hindy and the children arrived. Chaya and Golda were both superb. Chaya sang the Rebbe’s new niggun loud, shrill and shrieking – especially the middle part. Golda sang “Modeh Ani,” lively and rhythmically. They were all well rewarded with sweets; even Sholom Dovber (who mumbled something and made a funny face) and Tova Gittel (who just laughed).

The Rebbetzin affirmed that she was keeping the girls’ cards (sent on erev Shavuos with the flowers) as a memento. She asked whether Hindy had helped them with the wording; she had not. Neither had I assisted them. I could not have done half as well.

After having spent a wonderful and outstanding two and a half hours, we reluctantly took our leave of our dear Rebbetzin.