The time of our departure was drawing near.

After mincha, on Monday, Sivan 16 (June 14), the Rebbe called us into the “waiting room,” right outside his office.

The Rebbe wished us a happy and healthy summer and winter and for all good things. "Be well, and have a healthy summer."

The Rebbe quoting the verse “Zion will be redeemed with judgment and its captives with charity," (Isaiah 1:27), handed each of us, personally, even Sholom Dovber and Tova Gittel, a £5 note to give to tzedokah; we could add our own cash to this amount without limitations. The Rebbe also gave me £5 notes for Arthur and Martha Hubert, and for Walter and Rebecca Hubert, with similar instructions regarding tzedokah.

To our great astonishment, the Rebbe again thanked each of us for accepting the money.

He only uttered the one word “Thanks;” but this little word was said

with much expression and feeling; it could mean so much, especially when accompanied by eyes which were even more “eloquent” than the spoken word.

And, with the Rebbe’s cash in our pockets, and his wonderful words ringing in our ears, and the picture of our Rebbe etched in our minds, we once again bade farewell to our beloved leader.