Three groups traveled from England to New York for this Shavuos.

The first group flew directly from Manchester on Monday, Sivan 2 (May 31) and included Roselyn, Samuel Portnoy and me. Shavuos was on Friday and Shabbos (June 4-5).

The following day, Tuesday, a second group left from London. Our daughter Hindy with four of her children – Chaya (almost 9), Golda (7), Sholom Dovber (2) and Tova Gittel (9 months) – made up half of this group.

The third group also left from London. This group of two young women and a young man were actually supposed to leave together with the “second group,” but the plane left without them. While everyone else was boarding the airplane, they were busy shopping for drinks at the Duty Free, hence they followed on a later flight. (I have often heard of passengers arriving without their luggage, but never of luggage arriving without their passengers.)