There was a short farbrengen on Wednesday night, Sivan 4 (June 2), the night of erev Shavuos, from 9:50 until midnight.

The Rebbe delivers a yom tov maamar at this pre-Shavuos farbrengen. In years gone by, a yom tov maamar was delivered by the Rebbe at 3 o’clock in the morning of the first day of Shavuos. This new arrangement suits me much better.

I have chosen to include a few points from among the various sichas the Rebbe delivered over our stay this year in Brooklyn. Though my son-in-law, Rabbi Shmuel Lew, was in England this yom tov, he helped me prepare and formulate them. I am indebted to him for his help.

The Rebbe spoke extensively about chinuch (Torah education). “Chinuch,” is the latest (the ninth) of the Rebbe’s initiatives to teach about and increase observance of some of the most important mitzvos.

[The Rebbe said that] the main point and net result of Torah study has to be action. This is accomplished through studying in a manner of “yogaato” (to toil); only then is one assured of “umotzoso” (success). This kind of diligence banishes any possible distractions. The midrash states “The Torah was [specifically] given to the generation who ate the manna.” That generation had no worries or distractions whatsoever. All of their physical needs were Divinely provided for. Today, too, in order to see true success in Torah study, one must resolutely decide to shut out and “forget,” at least during the time of studying Torah, concerns of parnoso (livelihood) and all other worries. This attitude will lend itself to learning Torah in serenity, the ultimate type which leads to action, namely, teaching others.