Shavuos was on Friday and Shabbos (May 16-17). We spent a very joyous yom tov in the Rebbe’s company. I did my best to make the Rebbe happy by singing a niggun when the Rebbe entered the shul. Sometimes I also danced a rikud (dance) when the Rebbe was leaving. I also sang my “hardy annuals” during shacharis (morning service) of Ho’aderes Veho’emuna, Keilie Atoh and Hu Elokeinu, with the assistance of Tzvi Fisher and Bentzion Kravitz. As usual, we suffered from the active opposition of those foolish men (hushing, shushing, hissing and even heckling); they really imagined that I would sing these songs without the Rebbe’s permission.

Poor Bentzion was physically attacked for his pains. Yes, pain is what he got: a not-so-friendly tap on his head during kedusha. The holier the time, the holier the deed!

On the first day of yom tov, we enjoyed luncheon at the home of our good friends Sarah and Mendel Shemtov. We had a real jolly time talking and reminiscing about the highlights of the past fifteen years (since 1959, when Roselyn and I first visited the Rebbe).