The following week, Shmuel and Hindy invited us to another vort. Raizy Adler had proved herself such a good and loyal friend by looking after the children and so forth that Shmuel and Hindy had rewarded her by finding her a choson, none other than Yossi Hecht, a fine, upstanding member of the Hecht family, a son of my great friend Rabbi J.J. What a catch. What a fish. Almost a Lesht! I am always a little sad when I see one of our best girls being snatched up by an American boy. I do hope Raizy will emulate Hindy’s example and ultimately persuade Yossi to settle in England.

This engagement was also a grand affair and took place in a large hall. On this occasion, there was real equality; the men and women were on the same level.

In his usual cheerful and boisterous manner, J.J. was in charge of the proceedings. After the excellent meal, he got carried away by the excitement of the occasion and called upon me to say a few words about the choson, kallah and the mechutonim (in-laws). Me, of all people! In spite of this, it was a lovely affair and I enjoyed myself immensely.