We were privileged to be with the Rebbe for Shabbos parshas B’shalach, Shevat 13 (January 25). For me this was a unique experience; it was ten years since I have spent a winter Shabbos with the Rebbe.

On Friday evening, Shevat 12 (January 24), after an excellent Shabbos dinner at Malka’s (Zuntz), we were joined by a few of our English yeshiva students: Lipa Brennan, Eli Sufrin, Barry (Binyomin) Weinman, Dovid Hickson, Dovid Abenson and Shaul Cohen. We sat around noshing and drinking soda. I related stories about the Rebbe and 770. I then described some humorous incidents and the boys were splitting their sides with laughter and rolling upon the floor.

They had come, ostensibly, to invite Avrohom and me to a fancy “goodbye” party at a melave malka1 in honor of Shmuel Arkush. Shmuel was leaving for England to get married and then taking up permanent residence in the city of Birmingham, England, to begin the Rebbe’s work in that city.

We attended this “function.” It took place at the exquisite and elegant suite (bedroom) of Dovid Abenson and Barry (Binyomin) Weinman. All the beds were removed and a very nice spread of herring, beer, soda, herring, chips, herring, cake and nuts and more herring had been provided. Young Lieberman recited a sicha of the Rebbe very well indeed. We also sang niggunim and I told some stories.

In shul on Shabbos morning, I was met with the usual opposition, disapproval and denunciations (“shush, shush and shush”) when I started to sing “Hu Elokeinu.” I only got the assistance of a few of my loyal friends. Some stupid men physically assaulted Bentzion Kravitz, to silence him, by thumping him on his back. By now, everyone should know that the Rebbe has repeatedly told me to sing and sing and sing!