We were privileged to enjoy a lively farbrengen on Monday night, Tu B’shevat (the New Year for trees). The Rebbe began this farbrengen at 7:05 with a maamar (a chassidic discourse) explaining the concept of the New Year for Trees:

There are four “New Years” in the Jewish calendar. The commonly known Rosh Hashanah on the first of Tishrei, a New Year for Kings on the first of Nissan, the first of Elul was Rosh Hashanah for Animal Tithes, and the 15th of Shevat, the day we are now celebrating.

In the case of plants, merely one seed is sown, but from this one seed, one can reap thousands of fruits and or other plants. However, of paramount importance is that before any growing takes place, the original seed has to decompose. Similarly with the Jewish people, we have to nullify ourselves and consider ourselves as nothing in order to help another Jew become fruitful in Torah and mitzvos.