Upon entering 770 we met two of the Rebbe’s personal secretaries, Rabbis Chodakov and Groner. Both of them, individually and immediately, asked, “Where is your wife?” They were astonished and disappointed when I explained that Roselyn had not come with me on this occasion. Many other people inquired about my wife out of politeness. Some of them even asked me to convey their regards to her. But the Rebbe’s secretaries, Rabbis Chodakov, Groner and Klein, were really upset. (As you will read later on, the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin were flabbergasted and sorry indeed not to see Roselyn at my side.)

We learned that the Rebbe would be leaving 770 to go home at about 5:45 and returning before 6:45 to lead the maariv service. This was indeed a stroke of good fortune to be able to see the Rebbe within an hour of arrival. At 5:55 p.m., we did see the Rebbe. He gave us all a happy smile. I greeted the Rebbe with “Sholom Aleichem,” to which he responded “Aleichem Sholom.” The Rebbe asked where my wife was. “Did you bring the missus?” He was not pleased at all when I replied that she was at home, in Manchester, but he did direct me to commence a niggun. I started “Utzu Eitzho,” and the Rebbe encouraged the singing by twirling his arm most enthusiastically.

Avrohom and I then rushed to our hosts. We were staying at our friend Malka Zuntz’s home. We knew Malka ever since she was a teenager in Manchester. Now we were guests in her home (with her husband and their lovely baby son, Avremel). She was thrilled and delighted that we had come to enjoy her friendliness and hospitality.

She had a teaching job and her baby went to a nursery school. Therefore, she informed us, her house was very quiet, especially during the day. She handed a set of keys to each of us and indicated that we could come and go whenever we liked. She also pointed out the food cupboards, the well-stocked fridge, crockery, cutlery and so forth and suggested that we help ourselves to everything that we required. Malka did signify that she would like to cook us a meal every day, and that over Shabbos we would, of course, all be together.

That Avrohom and I are able to visit the Rebbe and stay at the home of Malka Zuntz is living proof of the positive work that Lubavitch in Manchester is doing. We are proud of Malka. She should be mighty pleased with herself. She deserves success in her efforts for yiddishkeit on behalf of Lubavitch.