We were due to leave Brooklyn quite early on Monday morning, Sivan 11 (June 11). We therefore decided to bid our farewells to the Rebbe just after maariv tonight.

As the Rebbe left his office on his way to maariv, he saw Roselyn and Linda Grant standing in the hallway. With a nice smile he wished them “Furt gezunterheit” (bon voyage).

At the end of maariv I followed immediately after the Rebbe as he was returning to his office. Before he entered the office the Rebbe turned around and wished me “tzeischem l’sholom” (leave in peace).

The Rebbe reiterated that he had spoken three sichas on the importance of teaching children during their summer vacation. He was now telling me about this again!

I pointed out that in England we only had six weeks of vacation; not twelve, as in the States.

“That is forty-two days,” retorted the Rebbe, “and every day counts!”

The Rebbe asked me how the bochurim liked my talk at the kinus hatorah. “Did you inspire them?”

I suggested that it might be better to ask the bochurim themselves.

“But I am asking you,” said the Rebbe.

A crowd had by then surrounded us, craning their necks to see, and stretching their ears to hear what the Rebbe was saying.

Suddenly the Rebbe turned to them and said, “What are you doing here? Do you have nothing better to do? Go and learn.” This did have an impact (for about a minute) and a number of them ran into the beis hamidrash to learn.

I informed the Rebbe that I had phoned Jan Peerce (as he had requested of me during the yechidus). The Rebbe remarked that he hoped I had referred to him as “Hakohen” (the Kohen). The Rebbe knew how Jan liked this!

Somewhere during the conversation, I mentioned that I wrote to the Rebbe every two weeks, to which the Rebbe interjected, “ygnf [almost] every two weeks.”

The Rebbe rebuked me about the Tanya. “You are a businessman,” he said. “I am surprised at you. Every day goes by and people are not learning chassidus because they do not have a proper translation.”

What I would really love to translate – a difficult task to put into words – is the magnificent smile of our beloved Rebbe. Not only is the Rebbe’s entire face transformed when he smiles, but his whole personality exudes delight. The whole atmosphere radiates excitement, joy and pleasure. The beneficiary of such a smile feels invigorated and on top of the world and would go to extreme lengths to please the Rebbe again.

Roselyn was standing a little distance away. The Rebbe called her forth to wish her farewell again. The Rebbe now added, “Next year the apartment will be even better.”

The Rebbe asked for Shmuel, who was also leaving with us. (He had run away to the shul after the Rebbe told everyone to go and learn.)

After he came back the Rebbe asked him, “Where are the children?” They were not present then at 770. The Rebbe said he would see them next year. The Rebbe then said to Shmuel:

Travel safely. You should have success in everything; cause an uproar there about absorbing children during “vacation time”… three times this was spoken about [while you were] here.

The Rebbe told us that Linda Grant is a very good girl. “She should be encouraged.” He then inquired whether Linda was actually traveling back (to England) with us. When I answered in the affirmative, the Rebbe expressed a desire to see her before she left.

However, she had disappeared. So the cry went up, “Linda! Linda! The Rebbe wants to see Linda Grant!” In a few moments she too was found and brought to the Rebbe. She was pale and trembling. She could not understand what was happening. Why would the Rebbe want her; why just her?

Well, the Rebbe soon reassured her. He inquired after the health of her parents and expressed his hope that she would convey his personal regards to them. He then again wished her “bon voyage.” Linda left with her head in a whirl, followed by scores of boys and girls who all wanted to know what the Rebbe had said to her in those few minutes. Everyone was particularly intrigued by the fact that the Rebbe had singled out a young girl to bid her farewell and give her words of encouragement. It was an unusual and great zechus for her.

After Linda left, the Rebbe repeated to me that she is a good girl and that I should do my best to hearten and inspire her. I told the Rebbe that Linda visits and stays quite a lot with Hindy and Shmuel in London, so she will be in good hands.

“Yes,” said the Rebbe, “but she will be with you on the plane tomorrow for about seven hours.”

Well, Linda did not need too much encouragement on the plane. She spoke to me for nearly three hours about that five-minute conversation with the Rebbe. She kept reiterating that she was a very lucky girl and I agreed with her – and how!

And so ended another Shavuos visit to our Rebbe.