The next morning, Wednesday, Iyar 28 (May 30) – almost one week before yom tov – Roselyn and I traveled to New York for our yearly Shavuos visit to the Rebbe. We arrived at 770 at 3:05 p.m., ten minutes before the Rebbe was due to attend mincha (afternoon services).

Roselyn, as was her usual custom, waited in the hallway for the Rebbe to walk past her on his way into the shul (synagogue). She was not disappointed. When the Rebbe left his office and passed Roselyn, he gave her a lovely, glorious smile. Nu, one satisfied customer.

I received my “rations” in the shul. Our Sages say, “Words that issue forth from the heart reach directly to another’s heart.” The Rebbe’s eyes are most eloquent and expressive. He does not have to say anything and when his eyes lit up with that wonderful, superb smile, the message that the Rebbe was pleased to see me came over loud and clear. There could be no misunderstanding.

Within minutes of our arrival from England, both Roselyn and I had, thank G‑d, already received our reward for coming, and this was only the beginning!