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Talmudic Tales

Unlocking the mysteries of the Talmud

This Talmud course will take you on a journey through the mysteries of the Talmud known as Aggadata or Aggadah. Alongside extraordinary Talmudic sages, you will discover fascinating tales, their hidden meaning and profound life messages.

Beyond the Law
Video | 1:02:50
Beyond the Law
Introduction to Talmudic Tales
Gain insight into a completely different section of the Talmud, known as Aggadah or Aggadata, which contains much more than halachic legal discussions and rational analysis. In this introduction to Aggadata, we explore the style, makeup and significance of this obscure and magical area of Talmud.
Is Rain Good or Bad?
Talmudic Tales: The Miraculous R. Chanina ben Dosa
In this mystifying tale of the Talmud we encounter the miraculous personage of Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa, who prays for the rain to cease. Learn the hidden meaning to this seemingly bizarre story.
Temple in Ruin
Video | 58:55
Temple in Ruin
Talmudic Tales: Laugh or Cry?
Two puzzling stories where the sages cried after witnessing tragedy, but Rabbi Akiva laughed instead.
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