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Temple in Ruin

Talmudic Tales: Laugh or Cry?

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Temple in Ruin: Talmudic Tales: Laugh or Cry?

Two puzzling stories where the sages cried after witnessing tragedy, but Rabbi Akiva laughed instead.
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Tractate Makot, Akiba ben Joseph, Talmud, Aggadah, Destruction of Holy Temple

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Davit Italy September 28, 2017

Thank you for this beautiful lessons!
I have one question: why Rabbi Akiva compares that period to "plowing of the field", why exactly these words?
Person would not plow the field of another person. So it is not referring to romans. So who plowed the field? Does it mean that the reason of destroying the temple were jewish people, this way they made the first prophecy to come true by their actions, to make the future better? Reply

Casper Netherlands July 3, 2015

Thats was a long watch But totally worth it. Great insights again :) Reply

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