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Advanced Talmud with Rabbi Leib Schapiro

Textual study of Talmud: Gemara


In-depth, text based classes on Talmud, or Gemara; each class covers approximately a complete page of Talmud.

Bava Kama: chapter 1
Perek Arba’ah Avot
Bava Metzia: chapter 2
Perek Eilu Metziot
Kiddushin: chapter 1
Perek Ha’ishah Niknit
Sanhedrin: chapter 1
Perek Dinei Mamonot
Sanhedrin: chapter 2
Perek Kohen Gadol
Avodah Zorah: chapter 2
Perek Ein Maamidin
Avodah Zorah: chapter 4
Perek Rabbi Yishshmael
Gittin: chapter 4
Perek Hasholei’ach
Sotah: chapter 2
Perek Hayah Meivi
Sotah: chapter 3
Perek Hayah Noteil
Shavuot: chapter 6-7
Perek Kol Hanishbain & Arbaah Shomrin
Bava Kama: chapter 8
Perek Hachovel
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