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Is Rain Good or Bad?

Talmudic Tales: The Miraculous R. Chanina ben Dosa

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Is Rain Good or Bad? : Talmudic Tales: The Miraculous R. Chanina ben Dosa

In this mystifying tale of the Talmud we encounter the miraculous personage of Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa, who prays for the rain to cease. Learn the hidden meaning to this seemingly bizarre story.
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Tractate Yoma, Talmud, Aggadah, Rain, Hanina ben Dosa, Rabbi

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Moshe ben Elchanan NJ, USA April 10, 2014

Why Rabbi Chanina Asked for the Rain to Stop It was not about the rain. Because the rain comes straight from Hashem it is the touch of His hand. It was not about the rain per se. Rabbi Chanina was asking Hashem "Treat me gently." "Show me that you love me." "Show me Your kindness". "By Your hand." It was a reminder that Hashem was watching and of His relationship with the asker. That is the same reason the Children of Israel got the land that is thirsty for the rain. There is a direct relation between Hashem's ratzon and the rain and in Israel that is especially apparent. This is the start of a necessary and desirable conversation between the Children of Israel and Hashem. Reply

Moshe ben Elchanan NJ, USA April 10, 2014

Why the Rain Stopped for Chanina Ben Dosa Regarding Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa and the rain. The world is full of people/creatures with a degree free will, which is the basis of their independent existence and is very precious to Hashem. However, Hashem loves those like Rabbi Chanina very much. He knows the sacrifices they have offered and made for Him and what He desires. The rain falls strictly according to ratzon Hashem, so that altering its fall on their behalf does not infringe on the will of any other. It is a chance for Hashem to give them a sign of His love. A caress as it were, by His hand. That is why rain is so closely linked to the state of such a person. Reply

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