It snowed today in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Waking up to a world blanketed in snow, I couldn't help but marvel at how each small falling snowflake made up a glittering world of white.

Each falling snowflake is created by the Master of the World.

Each unique snowflake journeys to its destination.

Each precious snowflake is so soft, gentle and fragile, yet when it sticks to other snowflakes, there is a bond, and you can create a strong fort, a powerful snowball or a solid snowman.

On it’s own, a snowflake cannot do much. It’s too fragile, it melts. To maintain its existence, it must connect with the other snowflakes.

Each precious neshama (soul)that enters this world is soft and fragile - gentle. It’s up to us to seek out and connect with other precious souls out there. No neshama should be left alone.

When we unite, we can create a force stronger than the thickest fort.

The Jewish nation has been standing strong for thousands of years. We haven’t “melted." We look out for each other.

Like the snow, when we bond with each other, we maintain our collective existence.