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On Nature

Lessons from a Blackout
On Tuesday, November 17th, our city, Spokane, Washington, experienced a huge windstorm such as we’ve never seen. Sitting in the dark and cold, unable to read, much less use the computer or even text too much as a result of the power outage, I had a lot of time to think, and I learned some powerful lessons from the crisis.
Are you allergic to the "difficult" people in your life? Three medically-tested methods of dealing with the irritation...
Spring is a State of Mind
When you woke up this morning, was today simply the day after yesterday, and just a prelude to tomorrow? Or was this morning the beginning of a new chapter, the first page in a book called "The Rest of My Life"?
Wiped Out
"Maybe it's just a fuse," suggested my husband. Moments later, we discovered that it wasn't the fuse after all
Jerusalem Snow
On it’s own, a snowflake cannot do much. It’s too fragile, it melts. To maintain its existence, it must connect with the other snowflakes.
The Tree That Touched the Heavens
The bare trees become full of life, lustre and hope, only to fade and fall away, returning back to the earth, gone. Is there a purpose to these revolving seasons, or are we in a cycle of endless and meaningless repetition?