“Every soul of Israel needs to be reincarnated1 many times, in order to fulfill all 613 commandments of the Torah in thought, speech and action.”2

The Commandments

The above chapter outlined the view of almost all the major authorities that the soul, after ascending from the body to the World of Souls for judgment and reward, will again be brought down into the body at the time of the Resurrection. This chapter deals with the concept of reincarnation.

The Zohar3 clearly states that a soul may descend to this world more that once. Moreover, the AriZal writes123 that every Jew needs to be reincarnated repeatedly, until he has fulfilled all 613 commandments of the Torah at the level of thought, of speech and of action.4

Successive Descents

Accordingly, one might ask, if a particular soul has been reincarnated in a number of bodies, in which body will it be clothed at the time of the Resurrection?5

The AriZal6 explains that each time a soul descends to this world, one of its components is rectified; through successive descents, the soul as an entirety is rectified. Ultimately, each component of the soul will be resurrected in the body which served as its host.

Components of the Soul

The concept of components does not mean that no one person will house an entire soul, for each component comprises within itself all the components of the entire soul,7 since all souls emanate from one Source.8 Thus, all souls were originally contained in the soul of Adam,9 and later in the soul of Yaakov Avinu, after which there developed 600,000 souls which further divide into 600,000 sub-souls.

In answer to the original question, then: Even if a soul has been reincarnated a number of times, each host body will be resurrected.10