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Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Tools to Successfully Build Loving and Connected Relationships

Feeling lonely in your marriage? Constant arguing and bickering? Are jealousy or financial issues ruining your intimacy? A roster of rotating marital therapists will help you...

Million Dollar Tip
How do YOU greet your spouse at the end of your day? Marital therapist, Aryeh Pamensy challenges us in this week's video blog while providing some tips to enrich any marriage.
Falling in Love or Climbing in Love?
Many young people raise fears about making the commitment to marry. "How will I know that this is the right person, the perfect person, the person who is truly the other half of my soul? And even if I meet such a person, how do I know that our mutual attraction will last over time?"
Married to Mr. Clean
I am married to Mr. Clean. This wouldn't be such a problem if he was the one who took care of the cleaning, but he expects me to do it and do it to his standards.
Are We Soulmates?
How do I know if I have married my soul-mate?
Post Partum Depression and Mother-in-Law Issues
Chaya came into my office with her husband, Moshe, to seek help for her depression. Since her baby's birth, she has not "gotten back to herself" and finds herself crying a lot during the day; feeling afraid and misunderstood and like she has to "walk through molasses" to complete even a simple task. Moshe is frustrated with his wife's struggle. Although he tries to be sympathetic, he often feels it's "all in her head" - and he wishes she could just somehow "snap out of her bad mood."
Getting Ready for Marriage
When you marry, you do not suddenly transform into a patient, joyful, mature or responsible person. You must work on cultivating healthy habits. The following exercises will help you gain maturity...
Celebrate Your Differences
My wife does many things that irritate me. For example, she never seems to be ready on time, she gets very emotional, or she insists on long conversations before we go to bed...
Peace Plans
A peaceful home rarely occurs by accident. In most cases, people must consciously do things that will bring about peace in the home. They need a peace plan.
Nervous Newlywed
We are newly married, and although we are very much in love, I am scared about the future. I look around and there is so much divorce in the world. How can we make sure that our marriage will last over the long term?
Spouse Refuses Therapy
There is often reluctance on the part of one spouse to seek help in therapy. He or she will often say: "It's not my problem, it's his/hers" or "I don't need therapy, I'm fine" or "No stranger could understand our problems."
Are You Afraid of Marriage?
Most singles say that they want very much to get married. At the same time, they may harbor secret fears which prevent them from doing so.
Happy Forever
Marriage can be easy if you are willing to follow the 95-5 Rule. It goes like this: give your spouse 9.5 good-feeling communications for every .5 not-so-good feeling communications.
Flirting--Is it Really so Bad?
With tears streaming down her face, she explained how they had such a good beginning, ten years ago. Recently though, her husband seemed more distant and despite her prodding, he was reluctant to communicate...
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