We arrived at 770 about 9:00 p.m. on Sivan 3, 5728 (May 30, 1968). I was told the Rebbe wanted to see me straight away, before maariv. The Rebbe was still fasting. The Rebbe would fast whenever he visited his father-in-law’s resting place - about three times a week.

We (only) had a half-hour yechidus this time. However, the Rebbe promised that we would have two more yechidus during this visit, “one would be a short one and another a long one.” The Rebbe said that this yechidus, before Shavuos, the holiday celebrating the giving of the Torah, was “in the midbar (desert); the others would be after kabolas hatorah (giving of the Torah).”

(The Rebbe insisted on shaking hands with me during this yechidus!)

I told the Rebbe that I was not prepared to have a yechidus so soon after arrival.

The Rebbe asked me “Is Shmuel here? Hindy? Their children? Avrohom? I was happy to notify the Rebbe that they were indeed all here.