A friend of ours, who lived in the Southern part of England then, wished to adopt a child. They already had a little girl of their own, but the doctors, the entire medical profession, told his wife that it was impossible for her to bear any more children.

Here is the Rebbe’s reply, sent through Rabbi Chodakov, the Rebbe’s head secretary, on Av 3, 5728 (July 28, 1968):

In response to your telephone call and subsequent (undated) letter, the Rebbe replied as follows:

1) You should move to Manchester.

2) (Concerning your inquiry about adoption) You should pray to the Almighty in strong faith that he will bless you with your own healthy offspring.

(Our friend carried out these instructions, and they were blessed with a fine baby boy in 5732 (1972). The bris took place in Lubavitch House, Manchester.)