“Man is [like] the tree of the field.”

-Shoftim 20:19

Man is compared to a tree. A tree produces fruits which in turn cause other fruit-producing trees to grow. In like manner, we are not to suffice with our own growth in matters of Torah and good deeds. We must produce fruits with seeds for new trees and new fruits. We must exert positive influence upon our environment-upon friends, acquaintances, and anyone we happen to meet-that they, too, produce “fruits.” This will cause all of creation to blossom, thus bringing about the redemption.

The Talmud lists a number of signs for the approaching redemption, and concludes that the most manifest sign is when “You, mountains of Israel, you shall shoot forth your branches and yield your fruit...” (Ezekiel 36:8).

When our conduct will reflect the trees of the field, that “the shoots taken from you will be like unto you,” to blossom and cause a chain-reaction of self-perpetuating fruits of Torah and mitzvot in oneself and others, we can be sure of the imminent coming of Moshiach. This applies especially to the study and application of the teachings of pnimiyut haTorah-the deeper, inner dimension of the Torah-which is referred to as the “Tree of Life.”