“Appoint for yourself judges and officers in all your settlements...”

-Shoftim 16:18

“Judges” refers to those qualified and appointed to render judgments in accord with the dictates of the Torah. “Officers” refers to those appointed to enforce the legal decisions of the judges, if necessary even by forceful compulsion.

Of the era of the redemption it is said: “I shall restore your judges as at first, and your counselors as at the beginning” (Isaiah 1:26). This verse mentions “judges” but not “officers.” Instead of “officers” there will be “counselors.” The task of the counselors is to explain and clarify to litigants the words and decisions of the judge so that they will understand and realize how those decisions are in the peoples’ best interest and for their own benefit. Thus the people themselves will want to follow the court’s judgments. It follows, then, that in the Messianic era there will no longer be a need for officers to enforce the law, for all shall willingly live up to their obligations.

In fact, even before the actual redemption, in the present era when everything is already ready for the redemption, we no longer need “officers” forcing us to carry out our duties and obligations. Even now all is ready to carry out the word of the “judge” willingly and voluntarily.