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Is it racist for a Jew to want a Jewish spouse? A series of articles and dialogues on intermarriage

Is It Racist to Want a Jewish Spouse?
If insisting that you will only date Jews makes you racist, does insisting that you will only date men make you sexist?
On Intermarriage
The Basis for the Jewish Opposition to Intermarriage
Alejandra and the Rabbi
A Conversation About Intermarriage
My name is Alejandra. I am Argentinian, 24 years old. I was born and raised as a Catholic. About two years ago I met a boy in a bar in Buenos Aires. I later found out that he was Jewish...
Remember Me Forever
I look at these pictures again and again. Some are already discolored, some withered with age. The victims are mainly in their early 20's.
Dear Rebecca . . .
A Letter on Intermarriage
The following words, as painful as they might be for you to hear, are coming from a place of love. I wish that I did not have to say anything, but I feel that I have no choice...
Why Do Jews Exclude Other People?
My fiancé's parents told me that for a Jew to marry a non-Jew is worse than the Holocaust! I don't get it. Am I really that terrible?
Is It a Crime to Be a Non-Jew?
I just want to know what crime I have committed by being a non-Jew. All her friends and family are trying to convince her out of this relationship. I think I am a nice guy. What do they have against me?
Isn’t Intermarriage Only With Canaanites?
How did the prohibition of intermarriage with the seven nations become a prohibition of intermarriage with anyone not Jewish?
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