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Questions and Answers on Circumcision

Why Is There a Sandek at a Brit?
One of the highest honors at a brit milah (Jewish circumcision) is holding the baby on one’s lap
Why Wait Eight Days for the Circumcision?
Although the verse itself does not reveal why we are instructed to circumcise specifically on the eighth day, many possible explanations are offered . . .
Why Wait Until the Circumcision to Name the Boy?
When a child is circumcised he is entered into G‑d's covenant with Abraham and his descendants, he joins a chain linking him to the very beginning of our nation.
Is There a Special Baby Brit Outfit?
How should a child be dressed for the circumcision ceremony?
How should a child be dressed for the circumcision ceremony?
Why Do We Have a Circumcision?
A friend asked the other day why we have a Circumcision. I rambled on about health, tradition, old people, eight days, pain and a whole lot of other nonsense before leaving this one to you.
Isn't a Circumcision Barbaric?
Is it not barbaric to put my baby through the pain of a medically unnecessary operation?
Why Aren't Men Born Circumcised?
You keep touting mitzvahs as things G‑d wants us to do. But if that were true, why didn’t He create the universe that way in the first place? If He doesn’t want us eating pork, why did He make it edible?
No Set Payment for the Circumcision?
How Much Does a Mohel Cost?
My rabbi gave me the number of a mohel, an experienced ritual circumciser. We had a wonderful conversation, and he was very helpful; however, when I asked him what the charge was, he told me that I could pay however much I wanted.
Does the Baby Feel Excruciating Pain During the Circumcision?
The traditional Jewish brit milah, the clamp and the baby
It’s the night before my son’s circumcision and I cannot sleep. I know my child is not the first to be circumcised, but I am worried about the lack of anesthesia. Will he feel much pain? Will he be traumatized?
What Is Done for a Jewish Child Who Is Born Without a Foreskin?
Why Stay Awake the Night Before a Brit Millah?
The mystical origins of the 'Vach Nacht'
The custom can be traced back to the Zohar, where we read that the sages stayed up learning Torah the night before a circumcision.
Circumcision is the first commandment given by G-d to Abraham, the first Jew, and is central to Judaism.
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