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First Person on Circumcision

Why I Didn’t Come to Your Baby’s Brit
The thought of attending caused me so much anxiety that I decided to be kind to myself and give myself permission not to attend.
When the Static Stops
Every day we travel down the highway of life. Yet there are times that we are tuned in and the reception is perfect and other times that we are so far away that all we hear is static...
Catering Tips for an Adult Circumcision
Herring, lox, smoked whitefish on a bed of lettuce, fresh bagels, cream cheese... But what to serve when the meal is for your own Bris?
The Circumcision That No One Would Attend
In a world where a person is worth something only after he proves himself, my child was nothing but a cute 6.5-pound mass. But in a world that views a new baby as the very future of a nation, the key to our continuance, my child was a star . . .
Should I Join the Family Celebration?
I had prior plans for that day. I didn’t know which to choose . . .
What should I do? Should I attend the family celebration? Or could I blow off the celebration and go to the convention I had so been looking forward to?
Circumcision is the first commandment given by G-d to Abraham, the first Jew, and is central to Judaism.
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