The sand sparkled in the sunlight along the ocean shore. Scattered along the beach were thousands of starfish, dehydrating in the afternoon heat. A little boy walked along the shore, picking up each starfish and gently tossing it into the sea.

An old man watched the child’s actions in dismay. He ran to the boy and asked, “Why are you bothering? Look how many thousands of starfish are scattered along the sand! Do you really think you are making a difference?”

The young boy reached down and picked up a starfish, and with pride he tossed it into the ocean. “I just made a world of a difference to that one!”

“Whoever preserves a single life from Israel is considered by Scripture as if he has preserved an entire world.”
Talmud, Sanhedrin 37b (in the Mishnah)

“Each person is a whole world. Do one person a favor and make a world of a difference.”

“Work on making the world a better place – one mitzva at a time.”

“There are no unimportant jobs, no unimportant people and no unimportant acts of kindness.”