“If I stand in the street and get hit by a car, is that an act of Divine Providence?” a man asked his rabbi, inquiring about the topic of Divine Providence.

The rabbi explained, “A person was, by Divine Providence, given a brain and the ability to use it. Therefore, he should try to do his utmost not to get hit by a car. Hopefully, by Divine Providence, he won’t get hit.

“However,” the rabbi concluded, “if, for one reason or another, regardless of whether he tried to prevent it, the person gets hit, then yes – that is an act of Divine Providence.”


The concept of Divine Providence can be applied to both finding one’s unique life mission and discovering one’s destined mate: Are we supposed to make an effort to obtain the right mission or the desirable soul mate? If it is by Divine Providence, then perhaps we should suffice with praying, and let life take its course?

This story illustrates a powerful lesson: Yes, we should “pull strings” to find a preferred shlichus or a soul mate. But once we find ourselves in a certain place, or married to a certain person, we must believe that it is by Divine Providence.

“Make a plan.”
—South African saying